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SBR debate now rolling over to France

dinsdag 13 februari 2018

French investigative TV show Envoyé Spécial will dedicate its show on 22 February to the debate about the safety of SBR granulate.

The impact SBR possibly can have on human health and the environment has become the focus of many hot debates in recent years. Those against the use of these rubber granulates derived from shredding used car-tires, point out that the granulate leaches zinc into the subbase which, subsequently contaminates ground water near the pitch. They also claim that the granules emit Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that could cause cancer.

Installing companies and consultants in favour of the rubber granulates point out that it is still the most affordable infill material available on the market. They also emphasise that it is the only granulate that maintains its elastic characteristics for at least 16 years.

Despite the many studies conducted over close to 30 years, no conclusive conclusion has ever been made. Every study Sportsturf.Eu has studied over the last few years left at least one or two questions open for further debate.

Whether Envoyé Spécial will be able to provide a definite conclusion remains to be seen but in light of continuing debate about the health and safety issues and the popularity of rubber infill pitches for football and rugby in France, it can be anticipated many people will tune in during primetime to watch the episode.

door Guy Oldenkotte


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