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ETG introduces woven football turf for the masses

zondag 11 februari 2018

Its new, woven football turf product will enable even amateur clubs to invest in a football turf surface that until now has been exclusively available for the professional clubs, the European Turf Group claims.

Woven football turf surfaces have the advantage that they produce a much more natural ball behaviour and also require less maintenance. However, as it takes much more time to weave a carpet compared to tufting it, only professional football clubs have so far been able to invest in these products.

'Our method is four or five times faster than standard weaving techniques used elsewhere. It enables us to produce a carpet faster than any other company supplying a woven carpet. The faster ability to produce allows us to reduce the price for the carpet,' Arnoud Fiolet of the European Turf Group explains.

For weaving the carpet, the European Turf Group uses a so-called Pindot technology. 'By having the yarn supply system to the converted tufting machines controlled by computers, we can fix the individual yarns in the backing at a faster pace,' he adds.

As the artificial grass fibres are cut at the very last minute, and free from any tension, the free pile of the fibres falls in a random direction. This prevents the surface from having the dash which is common with tufted carpets. 'A dash looks unnatural, influences the ball behavior and contributes to splash or migration of the infill. That is something you won't experience in a woven carpet. Here, the fibers are much more resilient as they are only cut to length at the very last moment and without any stress to the yarn.'

Less splash or maintenance
Where yarn in a tufted carpet is placed in rows, filaments in a woven carpet are placed in a grid. 'This limits the horizontal movement of the infill and prevents it from migrating in a field. That is why playing on a woven carpet is safer and better, as there will always be sufficient infill all over the field.' While the horizontal movement of the infill is limited, there appears to be enough space for the infill to move up and down. 'That is why the infill in a woven carpet cannot compact.'

door Guy Oldenkotte


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