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No YOG for Europe in 2022

vrijdag 9 februari 2018

The International Olympic Committee has approved plans to target African National Olympic Committees as potential host cities for the fourth edition of the Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2022. European countries keen to bid have now been left in the cold.

The decision by the members of the IOC session follows the recommendation the IOC’s Executive Board made earlier this week.

The Youth Olympic Games first took place in Singapore in 2010. Two years later Innsbruck hosted the first winter version. In 2014 Nanjing had the privilege of hosting the summer edition of the event while Lilehammer was host to the 2016 winter spectacle. The summer edition of this year will be hosted by Buenos Aires. The 2020 winter event will be hosted in Lausanne.

‘Africa is the home of so many very successful Olympic athletes. Africa is a continent of youth. That is why we want to take the Youth Olympic Games 2022 to Africa. The IOC will proactively approach a number of African NOCs to evaluate the feasibility of such a project,’ IOC President Thomas Bach said.
Much to desire

The decision to focus on Africa leaves much to desire. With the exception or Morocco, most African countries that do have the capability and infrastructure to host an international event of such magnitude are currently in turmoil. Kenya and Tanzania currently experience major political unrest while South Africa is going through one of the worst climate challenges in a century. It has forced parts of the country to abandon cricket, rugby and football competitions as fieldmanagers are not able to provide a descent surface. What’s left is countries like Nigeria and Ghana but these countries increasingly experience pressure for terrorist groups associated with Al Qaida.

European fieldmanagers and stadium executive dreaming of hosting a summer Olympics will have to be a bit more patient. While Paris will host the 2024 Summer Olympics the likelihood that a similar event, though on a smaller scale, will be hosted in Europe in the foreseeable future has now been diminished.

door Guy Oldenkotte

nik nikolov | 20 februari 2018 | 10:35
This is a mega blunder by the IOC, it goes against the Olympic Movement and the Agenda 2020 and a destructive campaign on Africa. All we go against the IOC and it is the end of the IOC if not corrected, world will turn its sight elsewhere as it already does.
Nik, Bulgaria,
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