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Aberdeenshire opposes dream Donald Trump

vrijdag 9 februari 2018

Over 31,000 people from the Aberdeenshire area in Scotland have signed a petition that opposes the plan of the Trump Organisation to develop a second golf course in the area.

The Trump Organisation submitted a proposal in 2015 to develop a second 18-hole course in the area. This was just three years after the first one was opened.

'After the first course failed to deliver the promised investment and jobs bonanza, Scots now feel the new plan just won't bring economic benefits to the area. They don't think the first course should have gone ahead and they certainly don't feel this one should,' said Stewart Kirkpatrick of the group 38 Degrees who drove the campaign to oppose the plan.

But Sarah Malone, the executive vice president of Trump International Golf Links, claimed the figures presented to be nonsense. 'The figures presented are nonsense. The argument to build world-class golf and leisure facilities at Menie Estate was fought and won 10 years ago, which included a second golf course.

'Planning consent has already been granted and the project continues to attract great support. A number of independent reports have concluded that Trump's world-class golf course has brought significant economic benefits to the tourism industry and put Aberdeenshire on the world map.

'Nothing has been lost and the leisure and tourism sector has everything to gain. The detractors who make these ignorant and false statements should be ashamed. At a time when the North East of Scotland is so focused on the diversification of its economy, the Trump investment and future plans have never been more critical.'

The decision on the planning application now lays with the Aberdeenshire councilors. According to 38 Degrees campaigners, a recent poll found that of those who expressed an opinion, 68% said the course's planning application should be rejected. When "don't knows" are included in the figures, 53 per cent said they are opposed to the course, 25 per cent supported it and 22 per cent don't know.

door Guy Oldenkotte


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